The Good Son

Author: Leigh Fenty
Category: Western | Romance
Total pages: 175

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The Good Son

J.T. never quite got over the painful breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Joey. So finding out she moved in next door leaves him with mixed feelings.

Joey has moved back to Castle Springs after a six-year absence to renovate the old Bradford place and turn it into a Bed and Breakfast. When she bought the place, she had no idea J.T. O’Connell was building his new home on the adjacent property. But the deal is done and there’s no going back on it now.

J.T. and Joey agree to be amicable neighbors and when she needs his help, he’s always the first one there. This could all work out if it wasn’t for the secret that Joey brought back with her. Sometimes forgiveness is too much to ask for.

J.T. needs to lean on his tightknit family for support and answers as he tries to cope with Joey being back in his life. But finding the strength to forgive is hard.

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